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Laharsub is an open source messaging server designed for real time communication in web applications. Laharsub supports a publish/subscribe message exchange pattern many modern, real time web applications use. Online chat and collaboration, multiplayer online gaming, news or stock quote updates, and many more types of web applications created today require real time data transfer from the server to the web client, and between web clients. Laharsub server is implemented in .NET and ships with support for several client technologies: jQuery, Silverlight, and .NET. The protocol is based on HTTP long polling and exposed through a set of REST APIs. Laharsub server can be used from any environment that supports HTTP, including JavaScript running in a web browser. Laharsub enables adding support for a variety of backend technologies to support scale out to a large number of concurrent users. The memory based backend implementation included in Laharsub does not support scale-out but offers high performance in small deployments (several thousand users). Read more…

First stable release of Laharsub!


After extensive stress and performance testing and improvements, here is the first stable release of Laharsub. Looking forward to your comments.

Make sure to check out the article about Laharsub performance under load to see how Laharsub is doing and help set your expectations.

Getting started 

Download the latest stable release and start using it. Alternatively, enlist to the source code or just browse it on codeplex. The documentation section has more in-depth information about current status, goals, requirements, architecture, and design. Please use the discussions section to express you opinion about the current open issues or start your own thread. Use the issue tracker to file bugs or feature ideas.

Future plans

Make sure to check out what are the plans for the future enhancements in Laharsub, and help shape the direction by starting a discussion or leaving a comment.

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