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Stop receiving messages


The Silverlight client has a issue when working with Laharsub server in a Host different than “localhost”.
When then Server Pool Timeout is reached, usually after 45 seconds, the client doesn’t issue new subscriptions and stops to receive messages.
The issue is with IE8, Windows 7. There are no problems with Firefox.

See for a similar issue and workaround.
In HttpLongPollManager.cs, in StartPoll(), adding a random value solves the problem:

sb.Append("&mm" + new Random().Next());
this.pollContext = new PollContext
Poll = (HttpWebRequest)WebRequest.Create(sb.ToString())

To replicate:
  • Run Laharsub sample (
  • In “Host” field write the name of your PC, press “Start client”
  • Press “Create topic”
  • Press “Subscribe to topic”
  • Wait more than 45 seconds
  • Write a“Message”, press “Publish message”
Closed Dec 5, 2010 at 2:29 AM by tjanczuk
The issue was fixed with changeset The fix is to prevent subscription response caching by adding Cache-Control: no-store HTTP header to the subscription HTTP long poll response.