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Per topic configuration of TTL and maximum number of messages


This is to allow per topic configuration of the maximum TTL of messages published to a topic as well as the maximum number of messages to preserve per topic (FIFO logic). In particular, it is interesting to configure a topic to only store the latest message published to it (e.g. current stock quote), or only a few most recent messages (e.g. 5 last transactions).


CristianD wrote Nov 6, 2010 at 7:37 PM

In similar matter, the buffer of messages has a size defined by the parameter “InMemoryPubSubBackend.maxMemoryMessageStoreInMB”.
When the buffer it is full Laharsub replay with "Pub/sub backend cannot accept new messages because the memory store quota has been reached." and the new message is lost.
In case of a game server can be usefull an option in order to publish the new message and delete the older one.