regarding laharsub2010.10.09

Jul 13, 2016 at 9:11 AM
I am currently using the laharsub2010.10.09 service project based on http long polling. I would like to compare some of the parameters of the application (laharsub)with my websockets model for publish -subscribe scenario(using the jquery.test.html example).
  1. I would like to find out if the number of connections between a server and a client is 2 or 1. Because http is a half -duplex protocol and to simulate full- duplex scenario which is needed for publish subscribe model , which approach is used? two half duplex connections or which other approach and how do I find that?
  2. I would like to publish 100 messages continuously with an interval of 1 sec on one time click of "publish message button". A code example would be better since I am naive to .net .
    Please reply.
  3. How do I find the time taken for a message to get transferred from server to client and from client to server?
    Thanks and regards,